Pavement Management

At PCI we assist our clients in developing comprehensive pavement management programs. Our staff are experts in all aspects of the pavement management implementation process, including the use of the MicroPAVERâ„¢ software.

Pavement Management Systems

Our pavement management programs provide tools to help an agency manage one of its largest capital investments, its pavement network. Our programs provide a framework that allows an agency to make rational decisions regarding pavement maintenance and rehabilitation needs.

Pavement Management Provides the Following Benefits:

  • An objective and consistent method for evaluating pavement condition
  • An engineering basis for determining maintenance and rehabilitation needs
  • A method to identify the budgets required to maintain pavements at various serviceability levels
  • The ability to document current condition, and to predict future condition
  • A method to evaluate the impact on pavement condition of performing no maintenance

The Services We Provide are Typically:

  • Records review to collect all available, relevant information about the pavements in the network
  • Network definition to divide the pavement network into manageable units
  • Base map development to show pavement boundaries, cross-sections and dates of construction
  • Visual condition survey using ASTM standards to identify the types, quantities, and severities of existing surface defects
  • MicroPAVERâ„¢ implementation, customization and training
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation program development, including a schedule of recommended activities and associated costs
  • GIS interface so that information generated by the Pavement Management Program can be linked to the client's GIS system
  • Web-based tools that allow all generated information to be accessed online